Well, that’s entirely up to you! You choose how many videos you receive, and how often. You also choose the topics/themes you’d like to work with as well as the length and intensity of the sequence. I also have corresponding playlists to share on Spotify if you like a little music to go with your flow.

Sometimes finding time to go to a studio can be less than easy. Sometimes we crave an intimate practice with ourselves in the comfort of our home. Sometimes online videos feel impersonal and unfulfilling. And yet we still have a strong desire to be on the mat, connecting to our bodies and feeling our breathe.

And that’s where we can collaborate! Together we can develop a practice that suits your dreams and visions allowing you to practice anytime and anywhere. Videos made just for you, sent directly to your inbox. We can start with the very basics or continue to develop your own practice wherever you may be along your spiritual

yogic journey.

Rates & Bookings

I offering pricing on a sliding scale to accommodate anyBODY who is interested in developing a yoga practice. Standard fee of $50 per hour is flexible for those in need.

FROM $50.00 USD/ Per hour

Safe, fun, and empowering Prenatal Yoga for any trimester
• 1.5 hr. yoga for frequent flyers, travelers, or those with long commutes
• Yoga while on a plane or in small spaces (hotel/hostel rooms/vanlife)

• Pajama yoga for kids, and sequences for after school or before bed relaxation
• 1.5 hr. yoga for stress reduction, seasonal affective disorder, and overcoming addiction

 Yoga for Tattoo Artists

• Guided meditations for grounding and stability, creativity and inspiration, or anything you’re manifesting

Yin Yoga (my personal favorite!)
• One-On-One Yoga sequencing designed to nurture YOU and accommodate your specific dreams and desires
 1 hr. introduction to basic yoga poses and meditation