Yoga for tattoo artists: Workshops and Classes

Y'all deserve it. The job of a tattoo artist is often glamorized from the back-breaking work it actually is. The reality is a career spent hunched over in awkward positions for hours on end contributing to back pain, head aches, neck pain, and eye strain- PLEASE let me help you! Whether you're wanting me to teach a private session, several classes for a multi-day expo, or at your yoga/tattoo studio, I have plenty of relevant and customizable material. I promote classes and workshops designed specifically for tattoo-artists (and travelers), but this style of yoga will benefit anyone who spends long days sitting in chairs or driving. I am also happy to create classes and workshops to suit any interests or needs. 

• 1 hr. preventative yoga for tattoo artists
• 1 hr. yoga for after a long tattooing session (bye bye back pain)

• 1 hr. yoga sequence for those who should have started yoga years earlier (its okay, yoga still loves you)
• Easy stretches to do while at the shop
• Guided meditation for creativity and inspiration

• Yoga for the non-spiritual and inflexible
• One-On-One Yoga sequence designed to heal YOU and your body aches


That's totally up to you! How much time do you have for me? How many people do expect to attend? I can fill a tiny 30 minute time slot or teach for a couple hours over a few days. 

Rates & Bookings

As a nomadic yogi, I'm unable to predict my location but am almost always willing and able to travel to you. Travel expenses are always negotiable and dependent on time commitment and distance. As for scheduling, the more notice the better. Do contact me for last minute events though, as I tend to live by the seat of my pants too! 

FROM $75.00 USD/ Per event & open to exchange

To request info or schedule a booking contact me directly.