After readjusting my expectations with a smaller budget, (but a bigger window of time for the conversion) I've come up with a practical design that I'm very excited about. The truck is 14 ft long by about 7 ft tall which gives me lots of options for the buildout design. The idea is to keep it stealthy for night parking when traveling through urban areas, but expandable for longer term stays and hosting little parties.

Here are the must haves:

Solar panels

Back-up Camera

Space to practice yoga with a mat fully rolled out and entertain guests

A work desk/area

A very simple toilet (but no black water tank)

A simple kitchen

A shower with hot water

And here are the luxurious bonus features:

A fold down patio

Heated floors 

Built-in storage boxes under the truck for spare tires, propane, water, etc.

New stereo head unit

Vinyl flooring

Skylight with access to the roof

Removing the back sliding door and putting in two folding doors

The project is already under way, and I'm doing what I can each day. I'm hoping to have the bulk of the project completed by the end of March, but I have several additional weeks to stay in Canada and finish the buildout if needed. Below is the digital rough draft made by my friend Zeuss. If you have any suggestions or insights on the buildout let me know! Also, we've been joking about a fake company name to put on the side and I would love to hear your silly ideas! Check back soon for updated pictures of the conversion process.



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