A New Year, A New Blog

Funny that I choose to start blogging about my life again having recently moved to a tiny island with limited WiFi. I’ll be able to write from wherever my computer is (currently a lovely little cabin overlooking the ocean) and then drive into town for an upload if needed. I quite like it this as it gives me an excuse to get a cup of coffee from the cafe, or peruse the art books at the library. But more about life on the island to come.

I keep meeting people who want to write a book about their lives. Actually, it's often the friends of these humble heroes who've repeatedly encouraged them to write a book about their lives. So when a fascinating older woman with the heart of a lion finishes sharing an incredible story, and I say, “Wow. You should write a book”, she’ll reply with a sigh, 

“I know, I know. I probably should.”

My life is far less interesting than most of those around me (and much shorter at this point) but I suppose I have some interesting stories of my own to share. Or at least, that’s what some friends tell me. 

After backpacking through several developing countries during 2016, I found that I had a lot to say. So I tried to sum it all up by putting together a short book. 

See another post to hear a bit about that same winter. Or not. Essentially, the magical universe provided me with an amazing dog sitting job in Upstate New York. I took the job specifically to work on creative projects, planning to take full advantage of being isolated and stationary. 

The two-story home comprised equally of wood and windows, always felt cozy and warm inside. The forested view beyond the windows was breathtaking- both in summer and winter. I had two blonde roommates, Penny and Viña, both sweet Spaniel mixes. Each morning started with us on a gentle hike back through the property, investigating the frozen pond and playing in the fresh snow. Each night ended with us jumping into my cold bed snuggling up for warmth. Nothing else much happened that winter. 

I stayed at this home from New Years to early Spring, enjoying the small town of Chatham, New York and making friends through art, activism, and the gym.

As planned, I sifted through the previous 365 days of sound recordings, photographs, videos, sketchbooks, and journal entries. The book laid itself out to be half photographs, half insights- all inspired by experiences while backpacking around the world. I had the perfect setting to focus inwardly and put together a book.

As it turns out, that didn’t make it easy.

I discovered whole new ways to procrastinate, every day! By the time I finished the layout, I just wanted the project to be finished and out of my life. I should have given myself another extension to wait for a test print copy, but I was over it. 

So after 2 months of battling against myself, sharpening my procrastination skills, and gaining major respect for actual authors, I published my first book/magazine, Travel Now Pay Later. It’s definitely a 1st go at it, but I'm endlessly proud of the final product.



So that was last winter. Back to the present. Right. Write. Writing a book….about my life. Our lives. Everyone has such interesting and unique life stories, we should all be writing books! But to start from the beginning all over again? …I can already feel myself dragging my feet. The struggle is real. 

So instead, I’ll keep things tranquilo and just share the odd story when I feel inspired to do so. It might come along with some field recordings, a podcast interview, some photographs, or a little video here and there. It might have to do with yoga, consciousness, tattoos, or traveling. It might not have to do with any of those things. 

Feel free to periodically check out the blog, or follow me on any of the social medias. I’m not sure how often I’ll post things, but I’ll always keep it interesting. And if you disagree, do let me know.



If you’re curious about my first published book, Travel Now Pay Later, you can order a printed copy or download the free e-book by clicking here.

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