"I grew up quickly—driven by rebellion and fueled by freedom. Unwilling to follow a conventional path toward adulthood, I’ve spent the last eight years traveling, allowing my curiosities to lead me around the world. As a Reiki II practitioner and certified yoga teacher, I've recently joined my personal interests with my artistic vision into what has become the most prolific period in my career thus far. 

Stylistically, my photography is a blend of documentary and fine art, sprouting from an empathic and spiritual core. I use my lens with the intention of communicating truths, beauty, and enchantment. 

In addition to photographing yogis in beautiful landscapes, I also document my own life and the magical people within those international communities. I enjoy discussing the intricacies of life, celebrating individual growth and achievements, and living within a space of love and light. This type of pure existance inspires me as both an artist and conversationalist. My current project is a reflection of my own self-created reality and exploring its sacred connection to the cosmos."


LADY BOULEY Yogi, Photographer, and Cinematographer

Lady Bouley is a traveling photographer who finds inspiration in discovering unique environments and exploring the depths of those she meets along the way. In 2016, her explorations led her through Asia where she had the extraordinary opportunity to volunteer as a photographer for a Nepalese NGO, United Nepal. Upon returning to the States, she worked as a personal assistant for the world-renowned video artist, Mika Rottenberg, while continuing to develop her individual projects. In 2017, Bouley was hired by Soul Ascension Healing Arts as a full time Virtual Ascension Manager, documentary photographer, and traveling cinematographer. Her current body of work shows her interest in yogic photography in addition to an ongoing self-explorative narrative.


Bouley graduated from Georgia Perimeter College in 2015, with an Associate of Arts degree in Visual Art and the highest honors designation. She continued her photographic studies at Mahidol University in Thailand, learning under esteemed documentary photographer Jack Picone. Bouley’s works have appeared in multiple student art shows receiving several awards and accolades. She is also a member of WCAGA (Women’s Caucus of Art of Georgia) and displayed her work in the 2015 group show, Mark.